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LibertyNet: the flexible solution that reduces costs
LibertyNET Application Builder (LAB) is the key component for building and maintaining applications in LibertyNET. The toolset provides an environment for internal network administrators, partners and integrators to configure highly custom applications, with considerable granularity and control in application configuration.

LAB provides point-and-click interfaces for creating applications, requiring minimal technical expertise and no programming. All features of LibertyNET are exposed as object classes or properties, which LAB users can access in building applications.

LibertyNET consists of a number of objects or "classes" that can be used in building applications. Examples of classes include users, groups, rules templates, and folders—all of which can be created and used in the LAB to configure custom applications. Applications built in the LAB can be used in either thick- or thin-client deployments.

Solutions or application templates created using LAB can be packaged and re-used. For example, integrators or partners can develop LibertyNET templates for applications such as claims processing, benefits enrollment, and accounts payable document matching and approval.

Security administration in LibertyNET is highly flexible; it can be based on content objects, users, groups, stations and tokens, with specific rights assigned to each. LibertyNET supports multiple levels or types of administrators, such as departmental or even hierarchical sub-administrators. This is helpful for maintaining multi-department deployments.
  Features  Benefits
Object-oriented information management architecture
Easily design special index templates and pre-define document requests
Create organizational structures and security systems
Easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank GUI forms
Thick- or thin-client deployment
Robust security features
Class architecture makes extensibility easy to implement
Custom design accomplished without a programmer
Comprehensive security system reduces risk

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