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LibertyNet: the flexible solution that reduces costs
LibertyNET Workflow enables a company to perform efficient business process automation. LibertyNET's TaskFlo, a component of Workflow, enables access and approval of documents by individuals working in different roles and in different departments within the organization. Documents can be routed to a series of individuals sequentially or can be distributed to a series of individuals simultaneously.

LibertyNET has both an ad hoc and structured (rules-based processing) workflow that allows users to electronically "approve" various steps within a workflow process. In addition, LibertyNET's TaskFlo enables the originator of the task to designate whether or not the recipients of the task have the privilege to read one another's comments and/or keep the comments secure to only the initiator of the specific workflow. The system also supports e-mail notifications based on conditions such as elapsed time.

LibertyNET Workflow also includes a Business Rules Engine, which offers a complete set of tools to automate indexing and other document processes. If your requirements are highly sophisticated, this component provides the level of detail needed to implement complex processes.
  Features  Benefits
Routing and distributing documents between LibertyNET users
Using Private Attachment option to control anyone accessing comments other than the originator and author
Assigning deadlines and warning of deadlines to a particular job
E-mail notifications at each step or upon completion
Sending e-mail to recipients as a reminder of a new TaskFlo
Prioritizing each TaskFlo
Allowing the administrator to assign TaskFlo Builder privilege to any user
Helping managers to manage tasks, documents and people
Flexible management of document flow within the company
Easy control of document editing improves efficiency
Task tracking improves accountability
Allow scanned documents to be automatically indexed. This will increase production and maintain information integrity by eliminating human error

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