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LibertyNet: the flexible solution that reduces costs
LibertyNET Media Viewer Publisher gives you a way to port your documents anywhere with search and retrieval capabilities included. It enables permanent storage with reliability, integrity and easy duplication, usually to a CD or DVD system. With Publisher, you can create a disc packed with a large number of documents in a view-only LibertyNET application. Published documents are stored in folders, where they can be browsed, viewed, searched or printed within LibertyNET's self-contained environment.

Publisher provides a complete CD solution. On the publishing side, the process is flexible and simple, easily integrated with an existing LibertyNET system, or used as the final step in a complete information management service. To the end user, LibertyNET offers baseline viewing and searching features in a simple, portable, stand-alone environment. With data on CD or DVD, shipping costs are minimized, and unnecessary data warehousing and printing costs are eliminated. Sets of documents can be sent to anywhere and anyone, with security intact. The final product offers powerful search and retrieval features for reference, records, research or publications.
  Features  Benefits
Multiple file types: Support the launching of documents in their native formats for viewing
Custom applications: Create publishing template applications, ready for documents. Modify interface features like toolbars, forms and folders. Create additional users and assign document access privileges. After being published to CD, the application cannot be modified
Full-text searching: Search published documents with precision using full-text queries
Virtual read-only filing cabinet: Publish an organized, searchable, non-editable collection of documents to a standard CD or a DVD
Portability: Only a one-time minimal installation of viewer files is required before you can open the application
Multi-purpose: Send documents to clients digitally, take work-related documents with you, or expand your services to include information publishing
Security: View-only applications can be secured with a username and password. Multiple logins are also supported, enabling document access to be restricted at the user level
Incentives for service bureaus: Service bureaus can expand their offerings to include information management services

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