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With LibertyNET Digital Signatures, you can automate business processes and keep your documents secure. In the same way you sign paper documents, you place an electronic version of your signature on an electronic document to preserve data integrity. Federal legislation recognizes a digital signature as a legal form of authorization. The digital signature is tied to the document, as well as to the signer, providing great benefits in managing documents and delivering on the promise of anywhere, anytime access.
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Audit Trail: Get information about each of the signatures on a document. The signer, signature date and time, an optional note field, and the signature image are displayed for each signature on a document. Furthermore, when document revisioning is enabled, you can track all of the changes made to a document each time it is signed
Business Rules Integration: LibertyNET's business rules feature can perform actions on a document depending on a variety of signature properties. Rules have access to the number of valid or invalid signatures, the highest authority level of the signers and more. Forward documents to the next stage in your workflow or alert an authority if a document has been tampered with. LibertyNET makes it possible to streamline your business processes securely
Distributed Business Network: Documents may be signed locally or from a web browser. Full document functionality is available as an option, allowing you to perform your essential business functions anywhere there's an Internet connection
Security: Using 128-bit SSL Security Certificates, communication with the web server is encrypted

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