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LibertyNet: the flexible solution that reduces costs
For web-based access to LibertyNET, Liberty IMS provides the LibertyNET Web Server. The Web Server provides out-of-the-box user-interface templates based on XML and XSL, which can be customized to provide personalized interfaces for specific departments, groups or users. The templates allow multiple users to securely access LibertyNET services and documents, with no need for a separate publishing step.

Most of the capabilities available to users via the LibertyNET thick client are also available via the Web Server, including searching, retrieving, library services, annotations, printing, e-mailing and audit trail tracking.

LibertyNET Web Server supports considerable interface flexibility. Through the use of LibertyNET's web toolbars, users may create personalized interface templates that are similar to the look, feel and flow of a web site. System functions and user-defined functions may be added or removed on the fly, without programming.

LibertyNET Web Server also includes a "weblink" feature that allows users to send e-mails with custom messages, content and links to objects in LibertyNET. Links can be sent via e-mail either manually or from the server based on business rules. Such functionality makes it easier for LibertyNET users to share relevant information with outside parties, and to reduce the file size of e-mail messages and attachments by sending links instead.
  Features  Benefits
Capture and add new documents from anywhere
Index/route/distribute/copy and move documents
Markup/annotate/run business rules
Update and download multiple documents simultaneously
Sign and view digital signatures
Check-in/check-out documents
Optimize staff time by enabling off-site access to key documents
Enable 24-hour access to mission-critical documents
Personalize user interface to fit your business needs
Redefine business processes to better leverage remote locations
Maintain document management control across all off-site divisions

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