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If you are upgrading your paper-based office to an electronic document management system, then you likely will need optical character recognition. With LibertyNET OCR, you can perform full-text indexing, searching and editing to improve your document handling capabilities.

OCR refers to the process that involves reading (or scanning) the text from paper form into images, then translating the information into a format that computers can recognize. The OCR system consists of an optical scanner/card for reading the text and software to analyze the images. There are many features and benefits to using LibertyNET OCR, including third-party integration, drag-and-drop zone OCR and handwriting recognition.
  Features  Benefits
Seamless integration of ScanSoft's OCR engine into the LibertyNET OCR module
Ability to create Zone Templates visually to search for various types of data
Ability to mask out areas via Zone Templates which traditionally caused recognition problems
Barcode recognition, hand printed characters and "mark sense"
New language features to limit available characters to recognize
Drag-and-drop Zone OCR from a view window image onto an index field
The OCR module enables data images within LibertyNET to be full text searchable, including full Boolean logic, proximity and fuzzy logic searches
The OCR module can handle a range of business documents with various page sizes and types, including multiple column and text/graphics mixed pages
It supports a wide variety of scanners—including Kofax cards for bar code functionality, deskew capability and improved processing performance
Using rules-based templates, document searches can be saved and retrievals processed on all OCR text
It provides barcode and hand print recognition, which previously required installation of hardware
It ensures the more reliable operation and better recognition capabilities using latest OCR technology, which means less time needed to verify and correct the converted text

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