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Liberty IMS provides software that makes business sense. We eschew fads. Over the years, we've heard industry pundits refer to what we do as "Document Management," "Knowledge Management" or today's buzzword: "Electronic Content Management." To us, it's always been the same: "Information Management."

To run a business, you need sales information, operational information, expense information, among other things. Ultimately, everything you value involves information. That's where we come in. Once you determine your information requirements, LibertyNET can capture, manage and share that information the way you see fit.

Information is money. According to IDC, Fortune 500 companies waste $5 billion a year from the duplication of information that already exists. To us, that's just unacceptable.

Consider the case of one of our customers, a $2.1 billion transportation and supply chain management company. It saves 90 percent of its manual indexing labor costs by using LibertyNET.

How is that for ROI?
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