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Offers software for document management, disaster recovery, manufacturing, health care, transportation and imaging systems. With LibertyNET, information technology solution from different media with various formats can be captured using our NETCapture technology. Once unstructured information has been captured it needs to be placed somewhere for document imaging software. Information that is small in quantity or singular in format can be managed manually on a file server within an organization. Once the amount of information grows over a certain size it becomes impractical and/or impossible to manage manually. Nearly everyone has had the document imaging software experience of searching for a information technology solution on his or her own office or local hard disk that was known to be there but was difficult or impossible to access. The problem becomes exponentially worse once factors such as multiple users; versions, renditions, multiple servers, multiple formats, multiple departments and multiple locations come into play. For issues that can't be dealt with by phone or remote support, we can provide support on your location. Onsite technical support and troubleshooting are available per request. Service authorization is needed. This site offfers information technology solution, and document imaging software.

information technology solution

document imaging software

Information needs to be secure, reside as close as possible (in terms of the network) to the consumers and/or producers of that information. The LibertyNETStore module provides the capability for the information technology solution system administrator to construct a secure, distributed information technology solution warehouse that is capable of handling multiple source data formats as well as multiple storage media technologies. This Information Warehouse can appear to the end user as a single entity. The document imaging software application designer has substantial flexibility in the partitioning of data in a way that makes sense to the organization, as opposed to the technology. Help Desk staff is standing by to take your call. They are the LibertyNET support specialists who can manage your issues. A document imaging software support specialist's singular goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise to solve your problems quickly and effectively. Your designated support specialist for the call owns your incident and can not close the call until you say so. This site also offers document imaging software, information technology solution, and much more.

document imaging software

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  Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, U.S. Electronic Document Management Systems Markets for Healthcare, selected Liberty Information Management Solutions (Liberty IMS) as the recipient of the 2005 Best Bang for the Buck Award.

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Liberty IMS makes ‘100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management’ list from KMWorld Magazine

"...each company has either helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one—and they all share one thing: velocity of innovation."

With the new release of LibertyNET 8, Liberty IMS continues the tradition of flexible and robust electronic document management, workflow, records management, document imaging, process automation, digital asset management, COLD/ERM, e-forms, email management, and collaboration.

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