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Offers software for document management, disaster recovery software, manufacturing, health care, transportation and imaging systems. Liberty Information Solutions a leading manufacturer of Enterprise Information Management, disaster recovery software, and Web Content Management software (such as medical information systems), will be presenting at the Information Highways 2002 Conference in Toronto, Canada. In the wake of the 9/11 disaster and the ENRON debacle, there is now a heightened concern about document storage security and availability of an organization's information assets. A robust image management and information management system with the ability to organize disaster recovery software, secure and access disparate islands of information (multiple electronic and paper formats) found in multiple locations is desperately needed. Fortunately, one document storage exists - LibertyNET! This turn key Mail Room application provides a simple safe way to capture incoming "snail mail". One or more scanners in one or more locations are used to scan paper mail into the LibertyNET system, providing image management. A simple index system routes the now electronic medical information systems documents to the correct folder and an email notification is automatically sent to the user that he/she has LibertyNET mail. This site offers image management, medical information systems, disaster recovery software, and document storage.

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Advantages of this image management system include but are not limited to reduction of paper mail opened by staff; fast delivery and document storage (if desired) in a space saving and economical manner, effecient medical information systems post, recipient routing and distributing throughout the organization for approval/action automatic off, site back, and up storage as required for disaster recovery. Email is growing exponentially, and as a result, vast quantities of email reside on network servers, PC hard drives, backup tapes, and other mass storage devices located in corporate information systems. The question is "where is it?" and is it stored in the most cost effective/controlled manner. Is there a back-up copy available at another disaster recovery software location? LibertyNET's Email Archive System is designed for Email image management capture, document storage and data-mining. It provides you with a rich set of disaster recovery software tools to bring email into the medical information systems with full-text and intelligent indexing, perform additional operations via business rules and, when the time is right, automatically move it from your production environment to a LibertyNET Archive Server for long-term storage. This site also offers disaster recovery software, image management, document storage, medical information systems, and much more.

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  Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, U.S. Electronic Document Management Systems Markets for Healthcare, selected Liberty Information Management Solutions (Liberty IMS) as the recipient of the 2005 Best Bang for the Buck Award.

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Liberty IMS makes ‘100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management’ list from KMWorld Magazine

"...each company has either helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one—and they all share one thing: velocity of innovation."

With the new release of LibertyNET 8, Liberty IMS continues the tradition of flexible and robust electronic document management, workflow, records management, document imaging, process automation, digital asset management, COLD/ERM, e-forms, email management, and collaboration.

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