Offers document imaging solution and disaster recovery education software.

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Offers software for document management, disaster recovery, manufacturing, health care, transportation and document imaging solution. The LibertyNET education software can be interfaced to most major digital copier types. This allows your copiers to become input and output devices for a complete Information Management Solutions. Liberty IMS is headquartered in the Liberty Building in Costa Mesa, California. Here Liberty IMS performs the majority of its research and development, training, technical support and sales activities - including document imaging system support for customers such as the United Nations, TRW, Sysco Foods, Yale University, GreenPoint Credit, Sony Music, and Humana Military Health Care just to name a few. LibertyNET, with array of education software modules, is a comprehensive product suite for the capture, complete life cycle and information technology management, storage, and ubiquitous availability of an organization digital assets. Its document imaging system features cover every aspect of information technology management with high level of customizability, scalability and adaptability. The LibertyNET Base System includes disaster recovery modules. This Data Mining and COLD technology allows you to create and manage reports from various sources. This site offers disaster recovery, education software, document imaging system, and information technology management.
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information technology management

This Data Mining and COLD technology allows you to create and manage reports from various sources. The LibertyNET Image Recognition module allows the recognition of various images such machine-print, handprint , Check Marks and barcodes. This enables users to manage disaster recovery fax documents within LibertyNET and its document imaging system. With RightFax integration, inbound education software faxes can be automatically imported and processed in a LibertyNET system. LibertyNET Advanced PDF, a PDF module, offers a host of PDF integration features to LibertyNET and NETCommunicate, including import, indexing, viewing, and full text searching. This allows hardware and other software applications to tap into the power of LibertyNET via external information technology management application linking. Users can easily retrieve supporting documents within other line-of-business disaster recovery applications. The module allows users to have direct connectivity to their host information technology management application through LibertyNET. It is more than your standard full text engine. Full Text Plus document imaging system has advanced search and retrieval education software technology built-in LibertyNET. This site also offers information technology management, education software, document imaging system, disaster recovery, and much more.

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  Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, U.S. Electronic Document Management Systems Markets for Healthcare, selected Liberty Information Management Solutions (Liberty IMS) as the recipient of the 2005 Best Bang for the Buck Award.

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Liberty IMS makes ‘100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management’ list from KMWorld Magazine

"...each company has either helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one—and they all share one thing: velocity of innovation."

With the new release of LibertyNET 8, Liberty IMS continues the tradition of flexible and robust electronic document management, workflow, records management, document imaging, process automation, digital asset management, COLD/ERM, e-forms, email management, and collaboration.

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